Finding Little Star Center was a blessing

“Living in Ormond Beach, Florida with two sons on the autism spectrum was very difficult.  The public school system there was not equipped to provide what my sons needed and there was no private alternative. Finding Little Star Center five years ago was a blessing.   We moved the family to Jacksonville specifically so that Luke and Sam could attend, and the results have been amazing.  My boys have grown from five-year old “infants” with virtually no life skills, into nine-year old boys who are potty-trained, able to sit at a table and eat meals with utensils, talk or communicate in meaningful ways, read, write, listen, and follow simple and complex directions.  And all of this learning has taken place in a loving environment, without stressing the boys or dampening their happy and exuberant personalities. I credit the Little Star leadership and staff for the positive developments in my sons.  Of course, there is follow-up at home as there should be with any school age child, but the director, teachers and staff of Little Star get all of the learning and growth underway, man the laboring oar, and keep in close contact with the parents to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction for the personal and academic growth of the children.   The program at Little Star is custom-fit to each of my boy’s needs, strengths, weaknesses and personalities.  The teachers accomplish this by having small classrooms, individualized learning plans for each child, and through the use of ABA instruction methods.  The atmosphere is safe, happy, loving and nurturing, and the culture of Little Star is instilled by the director and supported at all levels of staff.   My sons are wonderful examples of the fruits of the hard work done every day at Little Star.  Thank you!”