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About the School

Little Star Center and Behavioral Clinic serves a dual-function: we are a private school and a behavior therapy center. We provide comprehensive, affordable, individual education and behavioral services for children aged 2 to 12 years with Autism and other developmental delays. We place a strong emphasis on academics, behavior, and communication.

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How to Apply

To enroll, please contact us at info@littlestarjax.com or 904-928-0112 to request an enrollment application. The application gives us the information we need to properly evaluate each child. We will contact you shortly after reviewing your application and a more detailed assessment will be conducted when your child is accepted into the program.

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Services We Offer

We provide 1:1 and 2:1 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in a center-based setting. ABA works to systematically change behavior based on the principles of learning derived from behavioral psychology. ABA encourages positive behaviors and discourages inappropriate behaviors. In addition, ABA teaches new skills and applies those skills to new situations.

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