The Little Star Difference

Why Choose Little Star Jax?

  • Daily oversight and supervision from BCBA and/or BCaBA
    • Developed individualized plans by BCBA to decrease maladaptive behaviors (e.g. self injurious behavior, physical aggression, property destruction, tantrums, non-compliance, elopement, food refusal/food selectivity, self-stimulatory behaviors, toilet training)
    • Developed individualized plans by BCBA to increase communication, language and social skills utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • 41-week or year-round school year options available
  • Full-time and Part-time options available for students
  • 1:1, 2:1, and classroom settings available
  • Little Star Center is open more frequently than other Duval County Public Schools and many private schools
  • Unique “academic summer camp” program offered to students who attend during the school year, which allows students to continue working on entirely individualized maintenance programs to combat regression during the summer weeks. Our summer camp includes field trips to work on functional skills in the community
  • We utilize iPads and other electronics for supplemental instruction and reinforcement
  • Weekly staff training in ABA and/or VB methodologies
  • Professional Crisis Management to ensure student safety
  • Affordable education: lower tuition rates when compared to other ABA-based schools in the surrounding area
  • Approved for John M. McKay and Gardiner (formerly PLSA) scholarships
  • Approved Specialized Instructional Services provider
  • Video recorded sessions of discrete trial instruction / natural environment teaching and other group sessions sent home monthly