My child thrived in the structured, yet flexible environment of Little Star

“When thinking about what to say about Little Star Center it is hard to put into words. For our son Max, Little Star has been a part of who he is for as long as we can remember. Starting out with just four fellow students at the age of 5, Max attended school full time and now as a pre-teen, attends the summer camp program. Amazingly, some of the same teachers are still with Max after all these years and most parents know how important consistency is to our kids. Max thrives in the structured yet flexible environment Little Star Center provides. His program is written for him and him alone and our ABA Director really listened to what was important to me as a mom and incorporated those goals into his daily program. Not only have they worked on numbers, writing, colors and such but Max also learned to drink through a straw, eat with a fork, clean up his plate after lunch and wash his hands. It is this balance of academics and basic living skills that allowed Max to break through barriers and truly achieve.”

~Tiffany Wolfson